Climate disaster

Randall Munroe, the author of the webcomic XKCD, has a habit of making wonderfully lucid infographics on otherwise difficult scientific topics. Everyone should check his take on global warming. It’s a stunning graphic showing Earth’s recent climate history. Take some time with it. Stroll through the events like the domestication of dogs and the construction of Stonehenge. You can view the entire timeline by clicking on the Read More button below, and be sure to scroll down to the end.

Corporatocracy flag

Charles Hugh Smith |April 17, 2017 | Of Two Minds

The Left is morally and fiscally bankrupt, devoid of coherent solutions, and corrupted by its embrace of the Corporatocracy.

History often surprises us with unexpected ironies. For the past century, the slide to fascism could be found on the Right (conservative, populist, nationalist political parties).

What is fascism? There is no one tidy definition, but it has three essential elements:

Venezuela Protestor

Editor's Note:  As I write, we are witnessing a "color revolution" coup attempt in Venezuela. The US MSM portrays the violent protests with the implication that it's the government's fault that the CIA and US corporatocracy - particularly Exxon Mobile/Tillerson - are attempting to overthrow Maduro. Right. The old "I threw a punch but it's your fault your face was in the way" bovine excrement.

This particular coup attempt has been ongoing since 2007 when former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez began nationalizing Venezuela's oil and gas, raising taxes on corporate petroleum developers and using profits from Venezuela's fossil fuels to fund housing and education projects for ... wait for it ... Venezuelans.  Exxon and Conoco Phillips left Venezuela in a huff and sued. Tillerson has never forgiven Venezuela. In 2002 a coup against Chavez failed. In 2013, he died of cancer and Maduro was elected. The attempts continued through corporate food hoarding and economic attacks. But, Venezuelans have stood by their government and their Bolivarian socialist revolution-in-progress.  So, the empire strikes again.


By Robert Parry | April 16, 2017 | Consortium News

Democrats, liberals and some progressives might be feeling a little perplexed over what has happened to Russia-gate, the story that pounded Donald Trump every day since his election last November – until April 4, that is.

On April 4, Trump fully capitulated to the neoconservative bash-Russia narrative amid dubious claims about a chemical attack in Syria. On April 6, Trump fired off 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase; he also restored the neocon demand for “regime change” in Syria; and he alleged that Russia was possibly complicit in the supposed chemical attack.

Evo Morales

President Evo Morales of Bolivia warned Tuesday that humanity was “at risk of disappearing in a nuclear holocaust,” as tensions mount worldwide after U.S. military attacks in Syria and Afghanistan.

“Nuclear power in the United States and Western countries are getting us dangerously closer to a nuclear conflagration,” adding that the capitalist crisis leads the imperialists to “new wars that are in reality military interventions over natural resources, over the control of sea routes or regions with geopolitical, energy, trade or financial value.”

"War aids capitalism, those who support capitalism support war, that is, the philosophy of death and destruction," Morales said.

CPR and defibrillation

Editor's Note: As part of our Homesteading / Self-Reliance features, TLA chose these two funny, highly entertaining videos which could save a life. The first stars British actor Vinnie Jones in a memorable CPR training by the British Heart Foundation. Used in an actual First Responders CPR recertification, it will both entertain and stick with you. Note that rules on using compressions plus mouth-to-mouth versus compressions alone vary from year to year. The technique in this video was developed by cardiologists at the University of Arizona.

In the second video Todd Scott creates an hilarious Star Wars theme to teach the use of a defibrillator. AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are found in most public buildings and include complete instructions. During an emergency, however, it's extremely helpful (and safer) to have had prior training. The strength of this video is its stress-reducing humor which makes the AED less formidable and its effective visual underscoring of the most crucial points to remember. Learn and enjoy!  (Click READ MORE to watch both videos.)


Dr. Theodore A Postol | April 18, 2017 | WashingtonsBlog  

The Nerve Agent Attack that Did Not Occur: Analysis of the Times and Locations of Critical Events in the Alleged Nerve Agent Attack at 7 AM on April 4, 2017 in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria


This analysis contains a detailed description of the times and locations of critical events in the alleged nerve agent attack of April 4, 2017 in Khan Shaykhun, Syria – assuming that the White House Intelligence Report (WHR) issued on April 11, 2017 correctly identified the alleged sarin release site.

In Debt We Trust

James Howard Kunstler | April 17, 2017 | Clusterfuck Nation

The military frolics of spring have distracted the nation’s attention from the economic and financial dynamics that pose the ultimate mortal threat to business as usual. Note the distinction between economic and financial. The first represents real activity in this Land of the Deal: people doing and making. The second, finance, used to be a minor branch — only about five percent — of all the doing in the days of America’s putative bigliest greatitude. The task of finance then was limited and straightforward: to manage the allocation of capital for more doing and making. The profit in that enabled bankers to drive Cadillacs instead of Chevrolets, but not much more.

Jason Robards

Bryan Dyne and Barry Grey | April 15, 2017 | World Socialist Web Site

Since the April 6 cruise missile strike by the Trump administration against a Syrian airbase, tensions between the United States and the European powers and Russia are at their highest level since the cold war. The rhetoric from the US and its allies has centered on defending the unprovoked attack while Russia has responded by increasing its military support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

chavez at UN

Editor's Note: Luis Amalgro works with NED (the "National Endowment for Democracy") which is funded by USAID (US Agency for International Development), a CIA front line (and here and even here) for regime change (think Libya, Ukraine, and Syria's so-called "White Helmets" which USAID funded last year to the tune of $23 million)

According to Telesur "Defying Venezuela and Cuba’s sovereignty, Almagro supports both countries' right-wing opposition groups.

Almagro has attended anti-Cuba events held by the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy and the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, which frequently call for the overthrow of Cuba’s government."

Cuba has denied Almagro entry to their country.

ISIS 1-Finger Salute

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has fired a rocket loaded with chlorine in western Mosul, Iraq, hitting several soldiers with the gas, according to an AP report.

Harvest kitchen

Editor's Note: Titanic Lifeboat Academy endorses this article and its accompanying video, both of which align with TLA's mission. Since it's impossible to fight capitalism while dependent upon it, becoming independent is the route out of the matrix.  Securing our own food and water--alone or in small groups--means we no longer need the slavery capitalism sells.  Resistance is fertile!

Charles Hugh Smith |  April 14, 2017 | Washington's Blog

While it’s certainly good sport to mock “snowflakes,” not all Millennials are snowflakes. Many are homesteading, buying affordable homes and building communities that get stuff done.

I discuss these trends with Drew Sample, who is living them in Ohio. (hear a 60-second excerpt or listen to the full podcast on Drew’s site.)

friction upon the machine


A brief and crucial history of the United States

(Click READ MORE to view video.)

War is Peace

James Corbett's site The Corbet Report produces video commentary on current events. In 2011, Corbett produced 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory, a hilarious biting expose otherwise known as "Everything You Need to Know About 9/11 in Less Than 5 Minutes", which we re-post every September. (It's the last video on our Resources/Video page, HERE on our site.)  He has now produced this equally good video on the recent US Syria Strikes. (Click on READ MORE to watch the video.)

Nicolas Maduro


Four years ago today, a former bus driver with humble working class origins became the President of Venezuela. 

Promising to continue the revolutionary legacy of deceased former president Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro pledged to advance the living standards of Venezuela’s poor and oppressed. 

But since taking office in 2013, Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution have faced non-stop attacks from Venezuela’s U.S.-backed right-wing opposition, making advancements difficult. Improving upon destabilization tactics used during Chavez’s administration, the opposition, it seems, has perfected the art of sabotage. 

capitalism kills love

John Steppling | April 10, 2017 | Greanville Post

“Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings

can master their sadistic destructiveness.”

— Wilhelm Reich

It is fascinating to watch mainstream media, the corporate owned news outlets like CNN, or MSNBC, or even FOX — because whatever their disagreements, the one thing that is never open for discussion is the questioning of Capitalism itself. Trump predictably came in with a budget torn from the frontal lobes of the Koch Brothers, but one that is also essentially in line with the sensibility of a good many Americans. Even Americans who themselves are only one foot from penury, who are one month from losing their homes, who are desperately in debt and who can barely keep food on the table; these same people basically hate the poor, hate those on food stamps, and hate anyone not white, and sort of think Trump and the other Republican ghouls make sense. They hate difference.

bombed out warehouse

Pepe Escobar | April 6, 2017 | Sputnik News 

“These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated.” Thus spoke the President of the United States.

Instant translation; Donald Trump – and/or the alphabet soup of US intelligence agencies, with no detailed investigation – are convinced that the Russian Ministry of Defense is simply lying.

That’s a pretty serious charge. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov, stressing “fully objective and verified” information, identified a Syrian Air Force strike launched against a “moderate rebel” warehouse east of the town of Khan Sheikhoun used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas. 

Konashenkov added the same chemicals had been used by “rebels” in Aleppo late last year, according to samples collected by Russian military experts.

Nicolas Maduro, Raul Castro

| April 12, 2017 | Granmaranma 

Havana hosted an Act of Solidarity with Venezuela following the 15th Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), held in Havana this Monday, April 10 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro spoke during the Act of Solidarity with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, held at the Havana International Conference Center in the context of the 15th ALBA-TCP Political Council, this April 10

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro affirmed that “We are very happy to be in the Cuban homeland and receive, as always, all expressions of fraternity and true friendship,” speaking during the Act of Solidarity with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, held at the Havana International Conference Center in the context of the 15th ALBA-TCP Political Council, this April 10.